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Greetings to all the gamers out there.

I quite enjoy board games , and whilst i do my fare share of online gaming, i do like to play board games. There's something about the tactile interaction with the playing pieces and actual physical interaction.

I had a close call with a Zombie hoard whilst on holiday in Japan, as I was at Universal Studio Japan - and took part in the resident evil escape game! Made a quick escape from Behemoth thankfully!

I own the 10th anniversary edition of LNOE, Growing Hunger & Survival Tactics, looking to expand in the future. I didn't know about this place until i started looking up ways to make custom heroes, so I plan to donate towards your server costs tomorrow. Gotta drop some cash to the bank zombo's first!

I did recently pick up an extra set of gameboards and the ltd edition Old Betsy Hero Card so we're looking forward to including her more often in the games.

Glad to see a full community for the game!
Welcome jd2k to TZG. The Community isn't as full as it was but hopefully the Frog will recover enough from
the SoB KS's to put out some more content for LNoE & it's other Games to generate some more interest.

Thankyou for the welcome, OD.

I've now chucked $20 to the site so looking forward to seeing what creative ideas people have come up with around here =)
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