Full Version: Hello from Florida
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Played LNoE at a convention and bought it then and there at the dealers booth. We're having a mini-convention (bunch of guys gaming at a friends house) and I will be running a game for some friends on Halloween.
I may just GM it since I'm the only one to know the rules.
On a side note has anyone on this site (from USA) ordered any of the zombie line miniatures from Hasslefree miniatures out of UK? Was wondering how bad postage is?
Anyway, hope to post and maybe download some files soon.
Hi ZombieRooster!
Hi welcome to The Land of The Dead.
Welcome aboardZombie03
Welcome to I hope you have fun here!

the end isn't near

Hey, I was told to drop a line so I am. I learned how to play LNoE 2 months ago its probably the best board game type game I've ever played.
Who told you to drop a line!?!? Zombie03 I kid.

Welcome T.E.I.N.

Hope you enjoy it here!
Welcome folks!
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