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Hi all. Just got Last Night on Earth yesterday & 2night is my 1st real game. Heres hoping its carnage Watchmen02
Welcome aboard! Great choice, getting LNOE! Please, ask away any questions you might have. Let us k now how playing goes for you.
Hi MJ nice season to play LNoE,tell us how your Game went.

Hi. Welcome. Enjoy your stay!
Hi Welcome hope you have fun with your first game.
Welcome aboard.
Spare no-one muwahahahahaha...
welcome! welcome!
maxon_jax Wrote:Hi all. Just got Last Night on Earth yesterday & 2night is my 1st real game. Heres hoping its carnage Watchmen02

Hi Jax, you lucky buggerZombie03 I'm waiting for mine to arrive, so I'm hanging around here like a bad smell:rolleyes:
How did the first game go? Give me all the gory details!
Wahoo I won with the zombies!
It was a hollow victory though as my mate & my brother thought the game sucked worse than a granny zombie that had lost her false teeth. Zombie03

We played the 1st scenario “DIE ZOMBIE DIE!” with advance rules. The 4 heroes were Sheriff Anderson, Jake Cartwright, Becky King & Johnny Miller.

It was disastrous the sheriff lost his gun almost straight away & the heroes soon learned not to get involved in unarmed combat (which I quite enjoyed teaching them) Watchmen02.
To make a long story short they spent the game searching for weapons in different corners of the board. They found a baseball bat that broke straight away, a revolver, which killed about 2 of my zombies before I played a card to discard it. They also found dynamite (which was about as much use as condoms in a convent) as no one smoked & it was the only town in America not to sell matches. I spent most of my game playing chase the nurse & finally managed to kill her & Johnny in Sun Track 8 to win the game.

I did not have the joyful feeling of victory as I could tell unless I change the mechanics of the game we won’t be playing it again in a hurry. Insane19 BUMMER!

It’s not all bad news as today Growing Hunger has arrived & it looks like it will make the game better Watchmen02
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