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What's Up With Jenny? - jeffd1830 - 10-02-2017 09:00 PM

It seems to me like the further LNoE has developed, the less useful Jenny is, because the Barn & Cornfield are less likely to be in play on the randomized board, and her special ability is tied to that location: "FARM GIRL - While in the Cornfield or Barn, may roll an extra Fight Dice."

Does anyone have any thoughts about how Jenny's power could be supplemented without having to come up with a bunch of house rules? Maybe she should automatically start with her "Advanced Ability" card any time the Barn isn't on the board?

RE: What's Up With Jenny? - mqstout - 10-02-2017 09:24 PM

That's a good option. Or, if she's randomly chosen, that board is always chosen. Or let her have that power in woods area for the BitF stuff.

RE: What's Up With Jenny? - ATOEtalGeek - 10-02-2017 09:24 PM

Maybe allow her ability while she is outdoors? Maybe allow her to choose a building at the start of the scenario within which she can use her ability for the duration of the scenario?