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OD in Hell - Old Dwarf - 01-07-2010 03:08 AM

Hi-I'm OD & I'm a Game addict,it's been about 2 minutes
since my last fix.

I tend to pick up a Game because I like the Theme &
then everything just snowballsZombie17 This makes expansions
a must buy but it also sets me up for related Games.

I purchased Claustrophobia beacuse it's a logical Dungeon
Crawl (by that I mean it has definite Missions & not
simply Treasure Grabs)& the Hell Theme tied to the
really hellish 30 years wars period.

I've had the Game 2 days & i'm already Home Brewing
up stuff using my considerable WarHammer Chaos Figs
to use in the Game.This is all great as I already have
the figs I need & only requires me to paint up some Mortheim
Figs I've had for years.

But remember I'm an addict & the concept of gaming
in Hell has me hooked.This brings me to Hell Dorado
a skirmish game (basis for Claustrophobia) but that's
not available in the US or in English.Plus I would
need a lot of 28mm Figs & have to assemble(the
HD figs are well done but all seem to come in a thousand
bits) and of course paint.This is probably enough to
keep out of it even when it becomes available in English.

But I still have the Battles in Hell urge & I need my fix :rolleyes:
Solution I'm creating Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle ,a
Campaign using WarMaster figs & the C&C BattleLore System.
The 10mm figs are less money & I'll have room to store them.

Basically I taking some of the Hell Dorado Fluff & having
The Holy Roman Empire of Ferdinand II clense Hell.
I'm departing from the Hell Dorado Fluff a bit & basing
it on Dante's "Divine Comedy".

So the Imperials will need to fight their way through all 9 Levels of Hell,using a Linear Campaign system borrowed from a HoTT varient.Currently I've finished my Army List & ordered my
1st batch of figs.I've tied the various troop types to Battle-
Lore with some special rules (Troop seduction for the
Demon of Lust Forces on the 2nd Level & such).

I still need to tie together a Terrain Table & get all the Legal
Pad stuff written up in logical order so I can post it up
on my web Sight Board I use for such purposes.

So I guess my 2010 Project is set.

Pure Game addiction but at least I'm not alone :shy:


RE: OD in Hell - zombie67 - 01-07-2010 06:20 AM

Sounds cool (or as it's Hell maybe that should be hot) OD!

Shame you are not a Xbox 360 Gamer as there is a game called Dante's Inferno coming out very soon.

Having played the demo, I think it would be right up your street.

Check it out here

RE: OD in Hell - Old Dwarf - 01-07-2010 12:57 PM

Thanks Z67,it does look interesting but I'm not much
for computer games .I just like to move card & figs:rolleyes:


RE: OD in Hell - Old Dwarf - 01-31-2010 04:12 PM

Here's the Fluff to "Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle" :

The brutality of the 30 Years War reached new heights when
General Tilly's Imperial Forces sacked the city of
Magdeburg in 1631 & set off an orgy of rape,pillage & plunder.
So great was the blood shed that it steeped into the earth
in such vast quantities that it opened a portal to Hell.

The victorious Catholic forces lost no time in exploring
this gaping portal & discovered to their horror it
was a Hell Gate.Brief clashes with demonic forces
who resisted the humans exploration soon reached
the Imperial Court at Wen and the Pope in Rome.

Emperor Ferdinand II anxious not to be distracted
from his crusade to rid Protestantism from the Empire,
was disposed to order the sealing of the portal.
Pope Urban VIII was however appalled at the blasphemy
of the Hell Gate.He also was seeking ways to limit
the power of the Hapsburg's who although Catholic
presented too much concentration of power in their control
of both Spain & The Holy Roman Empire.This power
threated the Papal States in Italy which were sandwiched
between Spain & the Empire.

Pope Urban decided the Hell Gate was the perfect
distraction to keep the expansive Ferdinand occupied.
The Pope invoked a Crusade to cleanse Hell & requested
that Ferdinand provide the forces.

Ferdinand reluctant to put aside his campaigns in Germany,
nevertheless could not ignore the Papal obligation
placed on him.He therefore instructed General Tilly to
make some forces available for the conquest of Hell.

Thus the cleansing of Hell was begun as a poor stepchild
effort,the Emperor supporting it enough to show his
obedience to Papal wishes but not enough to interfere
with his war against the Protestants.

I now have Twelve 10mm Armies to paint up: 9 for each
Demonic Level + Holy Roman Empire + Harpy's (Infernal
Woods -2nd Level Special)+ Knights Templer (4th Level


RE: OD in Hell - Old Dwarf - 10-03-2010 11:36 AM

Well to update this,the Armies are done & The Campaign Started.
The first battle resulted in A Demonic Win but it was so close
& The Empire had several chances to win but just couldn't bring it off.


RE: OD in Hell - mqstout - 11-05-2012 07:46 PM

Hell Dorado has some of the sexiest figs I've seen anywhere. (That I'll never have skill to paint.)

RE: OD in Hell - scarydk - 11-05-2012 11:44 PM

The story alone is just freakin awesome.

RE: OD in Hell - Old Dwarf - 09-26-2018 05:43 PM

Well it's been over 8 years & I never did really get the Hell
Campaign going after a few test battles.

The problem was I based the Campaign on BattleLore
but it really could not cover the Various Armies & then
I tried a HoTT System but they all failed to really provide
the brief brutal clashes I felt would be reflected in Hell Battles.

So all the painted Armies remained in storage until inspiration
hit & I decided to have another go at it. This time I'm using
the OoP "Napoleon in Europe" Tactical Battle System &
Battle Board plus a few modification to fit the Hell Theme.

I've revised my Army Lists to reflect the NiE system &
made a few adjustments needed to change from the
individual figures used in NiE to the Regiment/Battalion
bases used for my Army Units.

I'll post up the Campaign Material & Battle Reports In the Battle Report
Forum Battle Reports.

The Campaign is called 'Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle"
(Under the Double Eagle in Hell)