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I Am Providence
02-03-2018, 04:05 PM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2018 04:06 PM by Old Dwarf.)
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I Am Providence
A Novel by Nick Mamathas-Night Shade Books-241 pp's

The title is of course taken from HP Lovecraft's tomb stone inscription. The setting is a 3rd rate
Lovecraft Convention in Providence RI (Summer Tentacular). The usual collection of Lovecraft
fans, weird book collectors, Goths & failed writers who stories never made it beyond their Internet Blogs
or self published fanzines. The Convention becomes the site of two murders.

In truth I had some useless Gift Cards with less than $7 left & I decided to check Amazon for any
2nd hand books I might find to use these balances. Obviously not much was available especially as
you had to include Shipping. I did however find a couple one was just a used book of Mythos related
stories & then a Like New copy (it was spotless) of I AM Providence which went for $16 & was offered
for $3+ 3.33 Shipping which was a nice fit to my $6.67 card balance.

Much to my surprise it turned out to be a good read (IMO) & frankly unsettling as hell. The Novel
is told through two main characters Colleen Danzin one of the afore mentioned failed writers &
one the murdered writers whose brain is slowly shutting down as it lies in the Morgue. The dying brain
provides a lot of the narration which if you think about it is really the ultimate horror. Death isn't the instant
lights out it's the slow dimming of consciousness trapped in decaying flesh.

The Novel is pushed forward by Colleens attempts to find the killer among the Conference goers among
some really odd people ,occult trappings & other weird events ( a hunt for Lovecraft's cat grave among them).
The killers & motives are finally exposed but the ending leaves more questions unanswered (in a good way).

It's an interesting read especially if you can get it for under $7 inc. shipping.


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