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Loyalty/Traitor Mechanic - Heroes
11-04-2020, 08:35 PM (This post was last modified: 11-05-2020 02:59 PM by mkrob89.)
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Loyalty/Traitor Mechanic - Heroes
I have attached a file with similar description for this mechanic, to this thread. I have not play tested this yet, but plan to. I just wanted to get some feedback if possible!

Loyalty Mechanic - Heroes

I created simple custom cards (as in my attached file.) But the # counters could be used as well. 6 - Loyal Cards, 2 - Traitor Cards

At the start of the game each Hero draws a Loyalty Card from a 4 hand deck. 3 cards are loyal (Peace Sign) and 1 is a Traitor (Hand with Knife symbol). No one may look at these cards. They keep them face down until 1 of 2 criteria are met, whichever is met first.

1. When certain Scenario Objectives are met.
- Escape in the Truck: Someone has the Keys and Gas. (Both are in play.)
- Burn Em Out: After 2 Spawn Pits are destroyed.
- Die Zombies Die: Once 10 Zombies are killed.
- Save the Townsfolk: 4 Townsfolk Cards have been found and are in play.

2. Start of Hero Round 5. (5 Rounds left in the Game.)

Once the criteria is met, the Heroes reveal their Loyalty Cards. This will reveal who the Traitor Hero is. A surprise element because any Hero could be the Traitor.

Once revealed the Loyal Heroes may choose to try and kill the Traitor or try and ignore them.

Loyal Heroes (3 Heroes with Peace sign Cards) must try and finish the Scenario.
Traitor Hero may try and win on their own, or simply keep the Loyal Heroes from winning.

If playing with 2 players, the Traitor will be controlled by the Zombie Player. This eliminates the Hero player having to play both good and bad sides. If a 3 player game, the Hero Player playing with a Loyal and Traitor, may give their Loyal Hero to the other Hero player, in order to keep control of their Traitor. (This keeps zombies, traitors, and Loyals, all controlled separately!)

Zombie Hunger and Zombie Cards apply to the Traitor, as normal Hero rules. However, the Zombie Player may choose to spawn away and move away from the Traitor. (Loyal Heroes can lure Zombies in close enough for Traitor to be affected by Zombie Hunger.)

The Traitor fights, moves, and searches as normal Heroes. If a Traitor and Loyal Hero share the same space with Zombies, they both roll a D6. whoever has the highest roll decides who fights the Zombies. (Scenario dependent. See below.)

Traitor Win Goals:
Win the Scenario by themselves.
- Find the Gas and Keys and “Escape in the Truck.”
- Make the last kill in “Die, Zombies, Die.”
- Destroy the last Spawning Pit in “Burn ‘Em Out.”
- Be the only Hero in the Manor in “Defend the Manor.”

Keep Loyal Heroes from winning the Scenario.
-Killing Heroes/Townsfolk* (*Save the Townsfolk)
-Wasting/Hoarding Scenario Items.

Hero Replenishing
If a Hero dies, before the Loyalty Cards are revealed, the new Hero simply uses the dead Hero’s card.
- Hero dies early in game before any criteria is met.

If a Hero dies, after the Loyalty Cards are revealed, the new Hero draws a new Loyalty Card and keeps it hidden until Round 5 or once all Scenario Objectives are completed.*
- Hero dies after Scenario objectives are completed or start of Round 5. New Hero reveals their Loyalty Card immediately.
- *Example: Round 10: Both the keys and gas are found and placed on table face up. All Loyalty Cards are revealed. Then the Hero who had the keys, dies. Now only ONE Scenario Item is in play (Keys are discarded = Scenario Objective is incomplete.) So the new Hero keeps their card hidden until the keys are found again. (Same with Save the Townsfolk, as a Hero with a Townsfolk card may die.)

This could possibly create 2 Traitors! (1 from the original 4 hand deck, then another 1 drawn with the new Hero.)

I am sure there is a lot to be questioned. But like I said, I have not play tested this yet to work out any kinks!

I developed this for my Solo play. This keeps the Traitor element fairly hidden from me for most of the game! (I did the best i can...solo play obviously has its limitation!)

Let me know what you think!

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.pdf  Loyalty_Mechanic_Heroes.pdf (Size: 413.67 KB / Downloads: 1)
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11-08-2020, 11:27 PM
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RE: Loyalty/Traitor Mechanic - Heroes
Played "Escape in the Truck," with this Mechanic!

The traitor was the Sheriff! And the Hero that managed to put him down...Billy! Safe to say, things got pretty dark during that play through haha!

Loyal Heroes were able to make the escape though!
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