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My real name is Steve and I live in Belgium. I recently bought a house with my girlfriend Lien. I also have a son from a previous marriage who is turning 8 this year and he comes here every other weekend. Wich is nice.
So we all live together in a small town calles Izegem. Us humans and Ace our english bulldog.

I have always had an interest in horrorstories, movies, books ever since I was a little kid.

After finding LNEO earth I ended up here, looking for a forum on the game. Sarku just started this thing so that came in handy Zombie17

Recently I haven't been on here that much because of other things that needed my attention.
I play airsoft and I am the founder of the 1/9th AIRsoft CAVALRY, D-Troop "Zombiehunters".
Over the last couple of weeks we have been able to play in an old villa here so that kept me busy. We even organised a Zombienight last friday. With the added gore ofcourse.
I made these together with my friend Zoas.
[Image: IMG_8876.JPG]

[Image: IMG_8853.JPG]

[Image: IMG_8858.JPG]

It was a great succes and we scared the shit out of many people.

I work as a printer in a printshop near my house, nothing spectacular, it just pays the bills Zombie03

I also have a huge interest in tattoos and everything that comes with that and recently bought a acoustic guitar on wich I hope to learn to play...sometime when I have more time to spare.

oh yeah...and I play videogames as well, been doing that since I was 10 so that is now an ongoing hooby for 16 years.

uhm...what else?
ah yes... I also collect vintage Star Wars toys...memories from a time long long ago Zombie17
Hiya Emp!!! Nice backstory there... as for having spare time to learn guitar... good luck... I've been wanting to do that for the past 2 years... Zombie17
Looks like I'm back from the dead Watchmen02

Been very busy lately...but I intend on popping back in here once in a while.

What kept me away from this place...damn lack of time.
I just started a new organisation who organises airsoft skirmishes, it's called Airsoft For All and it is my way of saying "f YOU!' to all commercial organisations who exploite the game here in Belgium.
It's been a real succes and we have been booked solid for the last couple of months.
On halloween we continued the Zombieskirms tradition and I organised our third zombieskirm called "The Dead Walk".
Here you can find some pictures.
The Dead Walk Pictures

I also met a new zombie-addict like myself when in september I went in to get my arm tattoed. I introduced him the LNEO and airsoft and he got hooked on both Zombie17

So when I find the time I shall be around more. Just ordered up the web exclusives new missions for LNEO so it's time to get that damn box out of the closet again. Zombie03
Wow, that's pretty cool, and much more informative than my introduction. Watchmen02 I like the idea of an airsoft zombie night, especially if you played a sort of zombie tag with it....though the zombies players might not enjoy getting shot point blank with an airsoft gun. Still, I really like the gore effects. Welcome...back. Watchmen02
We had some extra special rules for shooting at and killing zombies Zombie03
Good to see you back Emp! You always had great tales to tell regarding your zombie encounters!!
Seriously Emp... welcome back from the dead!!! Zombie17
Nice to have you back here Steve.

Have you got L4D2 yet? We must get you on for a game soon!
hello emp...
Glad to see you back Emp

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